~ Italian Burger ~

There is a reason why “Burgers” are considered a part of “Comfort Food” family and that is because eating burgers actually make you happy. It’s true! eat one and you’ll feel endorphins building up in your body making you feel happy, comforted and satiated. Ina Garten is a huge name in the English gastronomy and she is well known for her scrumptious recipes; in all honesty, the woman has an answer to everything and she once said that “you can be miserable before you have a cookie and you can be miserable after you have a cookie but you can’t be miserable while you are having a cookie” and I concur with her because the same rule applies to burgers. 

I am pretty sure everyone knows how to make a good burger because in a world of burgers, it’s all about meat patties smothered with mayo, ketchup and mustard and what’s not to love about that. The thing is, have you ever made a burger that’s the highlight for the people having it, raving about it and getting that kick of flavour, that just seems so delectable? If not, these Italian burgers will surely give you one heck of a punch. 

Now there is no right or wrong way of making a juicy and succulent burger because there is a sea of burgers out there. There are so many variations and flavours and types of burgers that if you dove into that sea you will probably find yourself flustered and drown in choosing which one to try first. Nonetheless, you still won’t stop yourself from plunging into that sea of mouth-filling, juicy and delightful wonders and pick out the one that is calling you. With so many variations, the best part is, everyone is happy.

There is another reason I love burger meals so much; they are quick to whip up and you can stuff it with all your favourite fillings and toppings. It’s always a casual dinner with burgers, sitting at home, just hanging out with friends or even just as a family everyone gets to join in preping and making the whole meal. I guess, for me it’s always a meal of bonding that over shadows guilty indulgence because let’s face it, no matter how irresistible these little calorie monsters are that work wonders is altering your waistline, you just can’t help but the temptation of sinking your teeth in them. 

Moving onto the recipe let me tell you, If there is anything I have learnt from Jamie Oliver that for me has become an outstanding go-to perfect Grill cooking technique, is his Mustard glaze. Few weeks ago, I was watching Jamie’s 15 minute meals, where he whips up scrumptious lunch ideas in just 15 minutes; that is my kind of cooking; anyway, he had grilled these amazing beef patties by glazing it with Mustard Paste. It looked so juicy on television with the glaze perfectly grilled, I just couldn’t wait to try out the technique myself. Let me tell you this, it gave a huge punch of flavour to my burgers. The mustard glazed gave a gorgeous chocolaty colour and an earthy flavour to the exterior of the party, it was almost crispy with a moist center oozing with juices. 

The reason why these are called Italian is because I added Italian herbs to it. I blitz the meat with some green bell pepper for some tanginess and freshness of taste. I added a blended onion with the patty mix as well only because it keeps the patty moist and tender which makes s great burger patty. Roasting the onions and the Bell Pepper for the topping is just like pairing two best friends for a group project, they work together well because they understand each other rather dominating one another with their own ideas and end up making an A+ assignment, just as this pairing make an A+ Burger. 

For the buns, usually, it’s the outside of the bun people char on grill or a griddle, I like to leave my burger top as is, without touching it. I like to butter the inside of the bun and toast it until it has a caramel web all over before I add my sauce and filling and because there is so much going on in terms of flavour in the bun, I like to keep my sauce simple; a simple mayonnaise sauce which brings everything beautifully together. 

Sizzling away on the griddle, the delightful smell wafting from these patties, blanketed with cheese, they will have your taste buds tingling exuberantly. 

Serves 4-6

Ingredients ~

1. Beef mince — 860g

2. Bread soaked in milk –1

3. Onion — 1

4. Capsicum chopped — ½ cup

5. Salt — 1 tsp

6. Black pepper — 1 tsp

7. Red chilli flakes — ½ tsp

8. Parsley — 1 tsp

9. Basil — 1 tsp

10. Garlic Crushed — 2

11. Egg — 1

12. Cumin powder — 1 tsp

13. Lemon juice — 2 tsp

14. Worcestershire sauce  — 2 tsp

15.   Hot Sauce — 1 tbsp 

16. Mustard Paste to glaze — 4 tbsp 

Buns and Filling ~ 

17. Burger Buns — 4-6

18. Cheese Slices — 4-6 

19. Onion cut into rings — 2

20. Capsicum cut into rings — 1

21. Tomato cut into rings — 2

22. Mayonnaise To spread

Method ~ 

a. In a bowl combine the beef meat with salt, black pepper, red chilli flakes, egg, soaked bread, cumin powder, parsley, basil, and garlic, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. 

b. In a blender blitz together the onion and capsicum into a paste and add to the meat. 

c. Mix all to combine well. 

d. Shape into fairly large size patty buns because the meat shrinks when cooking. 

e. Heat and grease a griddle pan or a fry pan with enough oil to cook the patties. 

f. Cook one side of the patty for 4 minutes and flip it.

g. Spread a layer of mustard paste on the cooked side.

h. Flip the patty again after 4 minutes to cook the mustard side for a further of 2 minutes.

i. Spread a layer of mustard paste on the other side and flip again after 2 minutes to cook the mustard side.

j. Place a cheese slice on top of the patty and let the cheese melt and set aside.

k. Grill or lightly toast the onion and capsicum rings in the same pan.

l. Toast the inside of the burger buns.

m. Spread a layer of mayonnaise on the bottom bun and top it with the prepared patty.

n. Top it with the toasted onion and capsicum and tomato rings and finish the burger off with the top. 

o. Serve with French fries. 

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  1. Hajrah Khan says:
    Another amazing recipe, i usually make the patties in double the amount i need and freeze half for hectic weeknight dinners.. they are so easy yet delicious.. you had my at the caramelized onions and green peppers blitzed right with the meat!
    1. The meat mix is honestly something isn't it- 😍- Thankyou 🤗

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