Welcome to my Blog. I am a mother of 3 gorgeous little ones. My food journey begins with them. They have taught me that I can always be curious and to explore myself infinitely. My kids are my biggest critics, the younger they are the more critical they are, a term, “fussy-eaters” we mum’s tend to use for it and it has evolved me as a cook. When you get to hear “you are the best mom in the world who gives me the best food in the world”, now, wouldn’t you as a mother feel accomplished and proud.

Growing up I was never interested in food, especially the cooking part of it; until I found a life-mate who was a complete foodie (imagine my nightmare) and my mother-in-law was infamous for her culinary excel (imagine my horror) Nevertheless, he would make ‘Um’ sounds to everything I cooked, even when I didn’t know what I was doing while preparing his food or even to my burnt cooking. Needless to say, that was the spark for me. Then, came along 3 gorgeous little kids, who turned out to be exactly like their dad, and that is where my food journey began: exploring, experimenting and always staying curious.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy, attempting to, never mind trying, excel in food when you are not a foodie at all, but, guess what! I got shoved into a passion I never grasped I could have. I guess, it was destined to be.

I am still an amateur cook and I’m learning everyday. I love experimenting with varied flavours and spices of different cuisines. Coming from a East Asian background, born and brought up in the Middle East and now settled in the West, the diversity of flavours I explore with each dish is truly mind-blowing. I am an infusion of three diverse cultures and hence I love my food so. I tend to make recipes easier and quicker because let’s face it, one of the hallmarks that come with being a mom is impatience; impatience, when it comes to cooking and dining, it has to be fast, with kids demanding our constant attention for their endless needs, all the live-long day, we need short-cuts in our mommy lives. Hence, the Blog, #foodboothweb. So, Bon-appetite!

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Happy Foodieating.

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